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i need a hug right now also nine hundred thousand dollars in cash

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Fave Films: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997)

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  • smile and clap along
  • have a sudden fit of coughing so you can awkwardly hide your face in your hands
  • beat-box
  • scream “dis my jAM” and jump on the table to break-dance
  • sing amazing grace as loud as you possibly can until they stop singing to you
  • go up to the closest person singing and hug them until they stop. however long it takes. keep holding them until they feel uncomfortable. bonus points for humming in their ear
  • start a mosh pit
  • striptease

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Dianna Agron on McDonalds.

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When people ask you to come down from your room and socialize.


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"Hey! Wanna go out and do something social?"

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Chuck/Sarah meme
↳ [2/5] scenes

- Where’s Chuck?
- Heroic imbecile took off with the bomb. Get out of there, Bartowski.